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I'm installing the Parrot CK3000 Hands Free Bluetooth Kit. Car Radio Ground Wire: Brown Car Radio Illumination Wire: Gray Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A Car Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: Part of the Antenna Connector Car Stereo Amp.
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  • Apr 28, 2022 · fc-falcon">Let’s take a look at what the colors indicate.
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  • Dec 19, 2021 · fc-falcon">Pinout of Volkswagen RNS 315 Car Stereop/n 1K0035274D, 1K0035274K.
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    The yellow wire is the one that supplies a constant 12V, the red wire is for accessories, and the orange wire with white stripes is for the dimmer or for illumination.

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    If you want to know how to change your radio in your 2003 Volkswagen Beetle or figure our why car radio stopped working, a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle radio wiring diagram can save you a lot of time.